Storytelling in the Visual Language

Visual language, no matter how well articulated, will only be as good as the story being told. Beyond interesting details and bright colors, the essence of a piece is the story of a human experience. The value of our experiences grow as we share them with each other. This visual language is my avenue to share ideas, experiences, joys, and humor.

My Process

The majority of my work is produced in pencil and ink, then taken into Photoshop where it is digitally painted with a Wacom Tablet. The physical mediums allow me to work quickly and let ideas flow freely. The digital medium offers an immense amount of power and diversity in my creative processes. In addition, it opens the door to a myriad of interactive options.


Varying the process keeps the work fresh and lively. I continually push myself to learn new mediums, try new workflows, engage different styles, and ultimately create different kinds of art in different ways. For inspiration I look to the world around me for an endless supply. The study of nature and visual perception heavily influences my creative work. My conceptual work often includes elements derived from the attributes of animals, environments, and machines. In this way, my experiences in the real world offer insights into what might be possible in the fantastical.