Terms of Service

General Statement
Thank you for visiting EricElwellArt.com and enjoying the work here! Let's begin this heart felt legal letter with the big ideas. First, don't steal artwork. That might mean more than you think. We'll discuss that. Second, let's endeavor to interact positively and reasonably on this site, but understand that the artist owns the content and will protect it. We all shoulder a responsibility to leave the world a little better than we found it (but I don't exactly mean fixing faded fresco paintings). That said, we'll cover the guidelines and specifics below.

Rights and Permissions

The artist retains full rights to the artwork. You may not pass it off as your own work, sell it for profit, redistribute it, use it to promote your special interest, etc. To do so would summon the wrath of a thousand suns, and incur legal penalties against you.

You may, however, re-post images of your commissioned art, photos of purchased items, or share preview images of artwork to your personal social media accounts provided that full credit is given (example: "Artwork by Eric Elwell, EricElwellArt.com" ), the work is unedited, and not in a format large enough to be stolen and reproduced by an "entrepreneurially minded" get-posters-of-art-we-stole Etsy shop. For example, if you happen by a copy of an Eric Elwell illustrated book, DO read it with a smile, tell your friends about it at some point, and enjoy your now enriched life; DON'T make photo copies of the pages to email or print. Besides, it's much more worth your time to just buy another copy or e-reader version. 

The creation of a piece of art can be a lengthy process with many steps and iterations along the way. If you purchase an original artwork, understand that the artist reserves the right to make other works that are variants of previous items and works and to sell or recycle ideas and sketches for later use. 


Payments and Refunds

Everyone has good intentions. Unfortunately, that does not put food on the table for my family or fuel our family spacecraft. If you receive a service or product from me, I expect full compensation before or upon delivery. By nature, when receiving, requesting, or showing interest in artwork, you affirm its value. 

If you believe that a product purchased from me is damaged, contact me immediately! I stand behind the quality of my art, and will work with vendors to deliver finished products that are free of glaring soul-crushing defects. However, any unreasonable discrepancies in print quality, shipping damages, etc., must be communicated in a timely manner (within 14 days of delivery) if they are to be remedied. 


Of course, art is made to be enjoyed; and I invite you to do so legally! By downloading, purchasing, and in any way consuming my artwork, you are agreeing that you have read this Terms of Service, and agree to these terms.

Return Policy

As one who appreciates art, you know the final product must match the quality and presentation of the art work it is displaying. If for some reason you do not feel that you could confidently recommend this product to a close friend please let me know right away.  It is my name on the work and I stand behind it.

Barring defects, custom art and prints can not be returned.

Books may be returned.  You will need to pay return shipping and a 10% re-stocking fee.

Feel free to Contact Me with specific questions & concerns.

Privacy Policy
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